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. >>> president obama and governor romney were largely in agreement on a range of foreign policy concerns. particularly those centering on the middle east. the ouster of former president mubarak of egypt, the 2014 exit date for afghanistan, the killing of terrorists with nutes romney and obama echoed each other. >> question. is bipartisanship now back in style at least when it comes to foreign policy in a presidential debate? pat buchanan? >> no it isn't but they are moving toward consensus where the american people are at. they are both pro israel, going to stand beside them. both very hawkish toward iran, although they don't want war in the middle east again. they don't want boots on the ground. they both say we have to do nation building here at home because that is the consensus where the american people are at john. but i wouldn't call it bipartisanship. romney lost this debate on points but he won it because he contradicted the image barack obama has sought to portray of him, reckless, bombing people, putting troops in syria. that is why you are seeing the steady momentum of romney
entertained republicans. ♪ proud to be an american >> the candidates weren't so sweet. mitt romney said he wants answers now. >> don't you think it's time for him to finally put together a vision of what he would do the next four years if he's elected? i mean, meas he's got to-- he's got to come up with that over the weekend. >> schieffer: the president said he thinks romney has come downa a mysterious illness. >> if you come down with a case of romnesia, and you can't seem to remember the policies that are still on your web site, or the promises you've made over the six years you've been running for president, here's the good news-- obamacare covers can preexisting conditions. >> schieffer: for the final debate set here tomorrow in boca raton, we'll talk to florida republican marco rubio. and we'llear from two top campaign strategistes, obama deputy campaign manager stephanie cutter, and romney adviser kevin madden. then we'll get analysis from an all-star panel, including peggy noonan of the "wall street journal." david sanger of the "new york times." joe klein of "time" magazine. and ou
the sources, hardest ta >>> >>> the second debate between president obama and governor mitt romney this past tuesday drew a tv audience of 65.6 million viewers. the debate was at hofstra university on long island in new york, town hall style. testy, tense and quite rivetting throughout. here's the president, pressing governor romney on romney's tax plan and how he'll do what he claims he will do. >> if somebody came to you, governor, with a plan that said, here, i want to spend $7 or $8 trillion and we're going to pay for it, but we can't tell you until maybe after the election how we're going to do it, you wouldn't have taken such a sketchy deal. and neither should you, the american people, because the math doesn't add up. >> we're talking about math -- when we're talking about math that doesn't add up, how about $4 trillion of deficits over the last five years, or $5 trillion, that's math that doesn't add up. we have a president talking about someone's plan in a way that's completely foreign to what my real plan is. and then we have his own record which is we have four consecutive years wh
>> pelley: tonight, the final faceoff. president obama and mitt romney debate foreign policy. we'll look at the world of trouble facing the commander in chief. reports from nancy cordes, jan crawford, john dickerson, david martin, kelly cobiella and bill whitaker. dean reynolds on the battle for ohio. why it could decide the presidential election. paper couldn't stop bullets. a woman shot to death in wisconsin had a court order against the suspected gunman. can the courts protect women? michelle miller has the story. and lance armstrong is officially stripped of his titles. we'll talk to a close teammate about the system of doping that brought down a champion. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. reporting tonight from boca raton, florida. >> pelley: good evening from the debate hall at lynn university. 15 days before america elects a president and a new cbs news poll out tonight finds 11% of likely voters are uncommitted. that means they haven't made up their minds or they could still change them. they will decide this election. and it is
and bayonets. >> governor romney appeared presidential. the president appeared small. >> clearly if you watch this debate, the president looked like the stronger guy. >> there were times where it felt like we went to a foreign policy debate and a domestic policy debate broke out. >> i love teachers, but i want to get our private sector going. >> i think we all love teachers. >>> california some of the worst weather in the country. a couple tornados near the sacramento area. >> i stepped out on my back porch and there kfs. >> apple is expected to take the wraps off a smaller version of the ipad today, half the size of the regular ipad. >> and the giants have won the pennant. >> these guys just never quit. >>> a beluga whale who scientists say was trying to mimic a human voice. >> someone got into my house. >> a 10-year-old stops a burglary inside her own home. >> you did a very good job. >> thank you. >>> that shot says it all. the bears will get win number five on the season. >> are you okay? >> i'm good, i'm good. >>> ahh! >> you've got to stop putting words in my mouth, sir. let me finish.
on foreign policy. with the race still very tight, both president obama and mitt romney have a lot to gain and a lot to lose in their final joint appearance before a national audience. it might be their last best chance to win over the uncommitted voters who will decide the election, which is now just two weeks away. for tonight's debate, the candidates will be seated together at a table with bob schieffer, anchor of "face the nation." this is the third time bob has moderated the final presidential debate. >> schieffer: good evening from the campus of lynn university here in boca raton, florida. this is the fourth and last debate of the 2012 campaign brought to you by the commission on presidential debates. this one's on foreign policy. i'm bob schieffer of cbs news. the questions are mine and i have not shared them with the candidates or their aides. the audience has taken a vow of silence-- no applause, no reaction of any kind except right now when we welcome president barack obama and governor romney. (cheers and applause) >> good to see you again. >> good to see you. (cheers and applau
.m. tonight. there's also news this morning on the campaign front. mitt romney has won the endorsement of the "des moines register" in battleground state iowa. this has not gone to a republican presidential candidate since richard nixon. so to get some reaction to that, and other things, we go to our go-to guy in arizona for news, weather, and sports, john mccain. how's the weather out there, senator? and good morning to you. >> it's very nice and balmy. i think the storm may not reach arizona. but, obviously, the disruption of the airline-- the whole nation, obviously, and our prayers and thoughts are with those who line the path of the storm, and we'll keep praying. >> schieffer: all right. i want to ask you about that endorsement by the "des moines register." i mean, sometimes endorsements matter. sometimes they don't. it what about this one? >> i think in ray close race, the "register" is very well regarded, and of course it's almost a man bites doggistic because the "register" has not endorsed a republican since, i guess, calvin coolidge. i don't know. i think that aspect of it is
. >>> it was winner take all as the governor and mitt romney squared off in the find round of debates. the punches were fast and furious. >> president barack obama and mitt romney have just wrapped up the third and final debate. tonight they sparred over foreign policy. well, tonight we've got team coverage of the race which is -- neck and neck, and that is according to the polls. alongside the fact checking team at usa today, virginia is an important state and andrea mccarren is on the road with details on a potential spoiler for this election out of virginia. first the hits, runs and errors. >> it was the last time the two men will have shared a stage before the election. the last chance for a side by side comparison. polls show to be of low importance this year and with a baseball playoff game, the question is how many undecided voters were paying attention. >> reporter: the goal. >> we want a debate that is worthy of the presidency. >> reporter: the president on his record. >> my first duty is to keep the american people safe and we've done that ovthe last four years -- over the last four year
, president obama and mitt romney tangle on foreign policy and national security. >> mr. president, america has not dictated other nations. we have freed other nations from dictator. >> when it comes to our foreign policy, you seem to want to import the foreign policies of the 1980s. >>> trail of terror. one of the women killed in a mass shooting at a day spa had been terrorized by the gunman for years. >>> cycling's governing body strips lance armstrong of his seven tour de france titles and bans him from the sport for life. >>> and the san francisco giants overcome wet weather and overwhelm the st. louis cardinals to win a trip back to the world series. captioning funded by cbs >>> gorng -- good morning, and thank you so much for joining us. it's now exactly two weeks until the election. president obama and mitt romney met last night for their final debate, and the topic was foreign policy, though they did bring up domestic issues. while they agree on several issues, including afghanistan and syria, it was the president who took the more aggressive line. the race remains too close to call
since her murder? >>> after wrapping their final debate, president obama and mitt romney jumped back on the debate trail looking for every last vote. the campaign planned to spend all of their time in a handful of battle ground states? >>> the dust is still settling from last night's debate. trying to win an election that many say is too close for comfort. the president rallied voters in florida and once again accused his republican challenger of having a selective memory. >> if you say you love american cars during the debate but you wrote an article that says "let detroit go bankrupt" you might have ronnesia. that is not leadership you can trust. you know me. you can trust that i say what i mean. >> the president is also targeting voters in ohio today teaming up with biden in dayton. romney has rallies in nevada and colorado. they are spending the next few weeks in the battle ground states. polls show the candidates are virtually tied. they are expected to spend around $100 million on tv ads from now until election day. romney continues to ham near the president on voter's number 1
between president obama and mitt romney. we asked 500 uncommitted voters whom they believe won. they chose the president 53% to 23%. 24% said it was a tie. with the election just two weeks from today the race moves into its final sprint and we have reports tonight from our campaign 2012 team. first, nancy cordes covering the president. nancy? >> scott, the president signaled his closing arguments today. he's going to argue for the next two weeks that the most important issue in this campaign isn't foreign policy, it isn't even the economy, it's trust and that only one candidate has earned it. >> the person who leads this country, you've got to have some confidence that he or she means what he or she says. >> reporter: in delray beach, florida, the president argued governor romney has hidden his true positions for political gain. >> you know what? that's not leadership that you can trust. and, florida, you know me. (cheers and applause) you can trust that i say what i mean. >> reporter: the president has been expressing not just disagreement but disgust with romney's policies, calling them
: as the obama and romney campaigns push voters to vote early. dean reynolds is in the battle ground of ohio. the family of the pakistani girl shot for standing up to the taliban, travels to britain to be at her side. mark phillips has the latest on her fight for life. and what's killing america's bats? seth doane takes us inside the bat cave where scientists are battling a deadly enemy. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. forecasters are watching two storm systems tonight that are expected to team up and hit the east coast as something of a super storm. one storm is moving in from the west, the other is hurricane sandy, now over the bahamas and heading north, highest sustained winds, 105 miles per hour. this is how the hurricane looks from space. here is what it's doing on earth. flooding streets in haiti, sending waves crashing on to the shore in cuba, and knocking down trees and buildings. where this cuban is walking, a house once stood. sandy is blamed for at least four deaths in the caribbean. meteorologist david bernard
and governor romney get set for tonight's final showdown. >>> a new cbs news poll shows tightening race in ohio where both candidates need to win. >>> should scientists go to jail for failing to predict a deadly earthquake and we'll take you inside a controversial trial. >> we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >>> the stakes are pretty high for both candidates. the election is close. this debate cycle has been truly consequential. >> mitt romney and president obama face off in florida tonight. >> for their final debate. the focus will be on foreign policy. people want to know they have a strong, steady hand in the oval office and they don't want someone who is reckless. >> what's becoming apparent in these debates the president has no plans in the next four years. >> who has the kind of strength, calmness, temperament to be the next president. >> police in wisconsin say yesterday's deadly shooting was the result of a domestic dispute. three women were kill and four others wounded. >> the one suspect is deceased. we believe it to be self-inflicted gunshot wo
mitt romney is holding three events in ohio. >>omney is in front 47% to 45% among likely voters. that nationwide poll shows romney has wiped out the president's double digit advantage among women voters. the two men are tied in that category. the president has closed the gap among male voters. romney now leads by just five points. nancy cordes is covering the obama campaign in tampa, florida. >> reporter: at this stage of the race the obama campaign contends they are not looking at those national polls they are focusing more on the battleground states. most of which the president is visiting yesterday and today. he did make a quick detour to appear on the "tonight show" with jay leno last night where he adegreesed the remarks made by the indiana republican running for senate saying babies born of rape is part of god's plan. >> i don't know how these guys come up with these ideas. let me make a very simple proposition. rape is rape. it is a crime. >> reporter: the president was reacting to comments made by indiana state treasurer richard mourdock in his senate debate tuesday nigh
actually at 6:11. back to you. >> thank you. >>> president barack obama and governor mitt romney wrapped up the last of a series of campaign debates last night at lynn university in boca raton, florida. >> this time the focus foreign policy. mitt romney tried to convince americans the president has been strong -- hasn't been a strong enough leader on the world stage. the president used his time to tick off his accomplishments one by one. >> kristin fisher is live from our satellite center with a look at how the night went for each candidate. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. no clear winner out of this third and final debate. instant polls from both cbs and cnn did give president obama a slight edge but mitt romney held his own. no major gaffes even though foreign policy the subject matter of this third and final debate is not his strong suit. that's widely regarded as his big weak spot. i want you to take a look at the video as the two campaign dates walked out. -- candidates walked out. they are all smiles but this was another very heated debate. the most memorable line, t
>>> the big push with less than two weeks before the election, president obama and mitt romney sweep across the map drawing up support in key swing states. >> we're on the homestretch now. and i think the people of colorado will get us all the way there. >> people out there are still trying to make up your mine. some of you here may still be trying to make up your mind. >> campaign controversy. indiana's republican senate candidate draws criticism for his comments on race and abortion. >> i think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something that god intended to happen. >> strengthening storm, tropical storm sandy threatens the caribbean and could power up into a hurricane later today. >> this is the "cbs morning news" for 2012. good morning. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. with under two weeks to go now the race for the white house looks like it will be a photo finish. today president obama begins a two day six day campaign swing to critical battleground states. it includes his 7th visit of the campaign to ohio. mitt romney arrives there
to forgive the debt you take on. recognize you have to pay it back. >> reporter: governor romney wants to reverse what he calls mr. obama's nationalization of the student loan market. he says getting private lenders back into the process would make the system more efficient. he would refocus on students that need the pell grant more. >> you're not out of this debt cycle yet? >> no. i'm accumulating more debt. >> reporter: kevin is looking to borrow another $2,000 to get a masters degree. that's another reason the crisis keeps ballooning. >> now a trillion dollar story and counting. >> reporter: it's fast becoming a burden on the entire economy. >> you either figure out a way to make education affordable again or go back to having a vast underclass which is uneducated and even more cut off om opportunity which has social and political implications that are not pretty or desirable. >> it's become a catch 22. in this economy, not having a degree is almost a sentence of poverty. on the other hand, paying for the degree can sink you into poverty. anthony mason, cbs news, new york. >>> take
is and will always be honored. >>> president barack obama and mitt romney are spending the we will consider preparing for the final debate. the running mates biden is in florida where he stopped by a local campaign office. paul ryan was in ohio. drew levinson picked up our coverage from here. >> reporter: joe biden rallied volunteers at a florida campaign office. >> you guys produce. we win florida. we win florida. >> history, man. >> as biden took on the republican ticket at a rally, a baby interrupted him as he listed ways he thinks mitt romney's policies will hurt americans. >> i don't blame that baby for crying. that baby knows what is in store for him or her if romney wins. >> reporter: while the vice president is out campaigning, president barack obama is cramming for the third and final debate where foreign policy is expected to dominate. romney is in florida for his prep. paul ryan is touring battleground states. >> thanks for being here. you're going to help us elect mitt romney, the next president of the united states, aren't you? >> reporter: in ohio, he accused the president of running th
gallup poll out today shows mitt romney's lead is shrinking. have a look. the weekend before the final debate gallup had him up seven points, 52% to 45% for president obama. today the romney lead is down to three points, 50% to 47%. the president took his campaign today to colorado. the race there is virtually tied. which way colorado goes may well be determined by latino voters and we asked barry petersen to tell us more about that. >> i've already voted. >> oh, you've already voted. so there you go. >> reporter: the battle for the latino vote in colorado is being waged one house at a time. >> hello there! >> reporter: jesus altamirano works evening getting out the vote for a nonpartisan latino group. when you knock on the door, jesus, who are they leaning towards? >> a lot of individuals have been leaning towards obama. >> reporter: latinos are now at least 13% of the colorado electorate and favor president obama 2-1. nationwide, latinos make up about 9% of voters and are for mr. obama by more than 3-1. when a national politician talks about the latino vote, the prime topic is immigr
ended the iraq war. mitt romney would have left 30,000 troops there. >> reporter: this ad just released by the obama campaign may preview the president's strategy pointing out foreign policy successes as commander in chief. romney is likely to hit hard on libya. republicans argue the administration's handling of the recent attack there which rutted in the u.s. ambassador's death proves it's time for a change. >> the last couple of weeks with all the problems in libya and the administration's four or five different conflicting statement abouts it may be mitt romney goes in with the upper hand. >> reporter: look for candidates to bring discussions back to the economy as their running natures are doing. >> we're not even creating enough jobs every month just to keep up with the growth of our country's population. we are heading in the wrong direction. he can't run on that record. >> america is not in decline. here's what it is. romney and ryan are in den kneel. >> reporter: -- in denial. >> reporter: vice president biden spoke in ohio where a new poll shows president obama leading. his lea
: democrat elizabeth is in boca raton for the debate. she's already decided to cast her vote for romney. >> because the direction we've been in the last four years have failed us. failed. there's no debate here. look at the record. >> reporter: tonight mitt romney will work to make the case the president's leadership abroad has failed. the president will point to successes, including killing osama bin laden. the 90-minute debate will most likely start where the second one left off. the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. both candidateses have come under fire for their response to the attack. they'll also be -- there will also be be debate questions about iran's nuclear ambitions and itself u.s. -- the u.s. relationship with china. polls show the economy is the far most important issue to voters. both candidates are also expected to talk about the economy and their foreign policy answers. both candidates have had their walk threw in the debate hall and will spend time with family and friends before the start of tonight's debate. in boca raton, florida, danielle notti
, charlie. this is a state that romney needs to win. he spent every minute here yesterday and the campaign is focusing on his ground game. making phone calls, knocking on doors, just to get that message out. as part of that message, romney yesterday hit on a familiar theme, but it was from a pretty unlikely source. during three campaign stops thursday in ohio, romney unveiled a new campaign message. >> it's time for a big change. and paul ryan and i represent a big change for america. >> reporter: in 2008, it was then-senator obama who ran on hope and change. >> hope and change are the story of our country. >> reporter: romney is arguing his ticket will fulfill that promise. >> america wants to see big changes, and we're going to bring big changes. >> even though my voice is getting kind of horse, i've still got a spring in my step. >> reporter: signs of losing his voice after a 48 hour, 8-state campaign swing, president obama made his final campaign stop in ohio, following rallies in florida, virginia, and a quick trip to chicago to cast his vote ahead of november 6th. the mega battlegrou
and republican challenger mitt romney had their final face-to- face debate. tara mergener has more on last night's clash and today's campaigning. >> reporter: president obama hit the campaign trail early rallying supporters in del ray beach, florida after his final debate with mitt romney. >> during the debate, he said he'd want more troops in iraq but he was caught on video saying it was unthinkable not to leave 20,000 troops in iraq. >> reporter: romney posed for pictures with police officers this morning before heading to nevada and colorado. both candidates are beginning an all out blitz of key battleground states in the final two weeks of the campaign. during last night's foreign policy debate, the candidates clashed over military sides and spending, russia and iran but their answers often drifted back to the economy. >> america must be strong. america must lead, and for that to happen, we have to strengthen our economy here at home. you can't have 23 million people struggling to get a job. >> both at home and abroad, he has proposed long and reckless policies. >> reporter: when it was over
>>> the final face off, president obama and mitt romney go head-to-head in one last debate before election day. >>> salon shooting a gunman targets a popular day spa shooting seven women during a terrifying jampg. >> ten people came running out of the back of salon with their hands up. >>> decision day. cycling body rules on whether lance armstrong lifetime ban from the sport and erase seven tour de france victories. this is "cbs morning news." >>> good morning. i'm annemarie green. president obama and mitt romney will meet for their third and final debate tonight, the topic is foreign affairs and the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya and iran's nuclear program are expected to be on the agenda. most polls indicate a very tight race and with just over two weeks to go, tonight's meeting could prove pivotal. susan mcginnis is in washington. >> reporter: the two candidates spent largely out of the public eye intensively preparing for tonight, the president up at camp david, mitt romney in florida. no one would have predict this final debate that isn't even focus don't my could be
that the political climate's on fire, one leesburg couple found their actual romney sign burning in their front yard. surae chinn talked with the stevens family today. >> it was a little scatter. >> reporter: a driver stopped to tell the stevens their yard sign was on fire. >> monday morning there was a knock at the door. >> reporter: that set off libby stevens' two dogs. >> there was a huge fireball in my front yard. >> reporter: the stevens are romney supporters. before it all went up in smoke she took a few snapshots of what was left of their 4 by 8- foot romney sign in their front yard. >> it is very disheartening and sad that somebody would choose to do this. shame on them. >> reporter: this is a friendlyeesburg street where neighbors have differing views both democratic and republican signs put up. sure, a few signs have been stolen here or there, but never have they heard of one burning down. >> everybody in our neighborhood is very peaceful and it's shocking that we would go to that length to, you know, make this a really negative political environment. >> we should be able to do this wi
and governor romney campaign for every vote they can get in key swing states. >> forecasters are keeping a close eye on tropical storm sandy. could it hit the east coast? >> should you be charged extra for asking questions at the doctor's office. we're going inside over the growing battle over hid >> we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >>> we're on the homestretch now. and i think the people of colorado are going to get us all the way there. what do you think? >> the presidential candidates storm through the swing states. >> governor romney is in nevada and iowa today. >> the president campaigned in florida and ohio, push agnew 20-page summary for a second term. >> it's not a sketchy deal. >> debate experts agree that president obama won on substance. big deal. lance armstrong won on several substances. >> weak earnings report from blue chips sent shivers from wall street. the dow jones fell 243 points. >> we obtain e-mail alerts that were without out by the state department as attack unfolded in benghazi, libya. >> the e-mail showing ansar al shari
playing politics with libya. >> mitt romney was sending out political press releases. >>> president obama held a lead in the polls but mitt romney's performances have lifted his numbers to where there is now a dead heat in the polls. >> this created a problem in the hinds of some voters. >> the obama campaign said this is exactly how they envisioned the race playing out. >> we feel we are even or ahead in the battleground states. susan mcginniss cbs news, washington. >>> president obama and mitt romney are tied in a poll released yesterday. we are your go-to debate station tonight. we are teaming up with. s.a. today. you can join the conversation via facebook or twitter and then on 9news now at 11:00 we will be talking with paul singer. >>> jordanian authorities say they foiled a terror plot. a government spokesman says all the suspects are from jordan. the spokesman says the men were assisted by al cod operatives base in iraq. >>> jeffrey thompson is under a federal investigation for funding a shadow campaign for making straw contributions to other campaign. charter is the city's largest
their romney sign actually burning in their front yard. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in leesburg where the political climate has heated up literally where one resident had her sign burned to ground. >> it was a little scary. >> reporter: a driver stopped to tell the stevens their yard sign was on fire. >> monday morning there was a knock on the the door. there was a huge fire -- knock at the door. there was a huge fireball in my front yard. >> reporter: the stevens are romney supporters. she took a few snapshots of what was left of their 4 by 8 romney sign in their front yard. >> it is very disheartening and sad that somebody would choose to do this. shame on them, you know. freedom of speech. what's wrong with them? >> reporter: this is a friendly leesburg street where neighbors have differing views both democratic and republican signs up. sufew re, a gns have been stolen but never have they heard of one burning down. >> she has strong political beliefs and she's a good friend and she definitely has the right to put her signs up in her yard. >> reporter: stevens has since put up a
are in the battleground state. a new associated press poll of likely voters shows governor romney has an advantage among women. tara mergener reports the president has nearly erased romney's advantage with men. >> reporter: the campaign blitz started before dawn. he delivered donuts to florida firefighters and rallied supporters in tampa. after stopping in four battleground states wednesday, the president hits three more today. he'll also travel to illinois where early voting is under way. >> i can't tell you who i'm voting for. it's a secret ballot. but michele says she voted for me. >> reporter: a prominent republican said on cbs this morning he also plans to vote for president obama. >> i voted for him in 2008 and i plan to stick with him in 2012 and i'll be voting for he and for vice president joe biden next month. >> reporter: for republican challenger mitt romney to win the white house, he'll need victories in several battleground states. today he's focused on winning ohio. the governor greeted voters at a cincinnati cafe this morning. he'll spend the whole day in the critical state working to swa
, florida. >> reporter: president obama and mitt romney take the stage in florida tonight to debate foreign policy. romney is expected to sharply criticize the response to the attack in libya that killed four americans. >> it is the governor's greatest opportunity. he can show there is a weakness in obama foreign policy. >> reporter: the two candidates will also tackle questions on china, iran's nuclear ambitions and ending the war in afghanistan. campaign watchers usually give the advantage to the sitting president when debating international issues. president obama's supporters say he has a strong record, including the successful take down of osama bin laden. >> i expect the president to be especially forceful, since the topic of this debate is foreign policy. this has been one of the great strengths of the president. >> reporter: tonight's debate is crucial to both candidates. polls show a tightening race and that all of the season's debates are swaying voters. >> reporter: in the critical battleground state of ohio a poll shows the president up 5 points, 50-45. but romney has cut the pr
his hometown of chicago tomorrow. mitt romney will work the west and midwest with an early afternoon rally in nevada followed by another in iowa. after months of speeches, campaigning and debating, the two candidates continue to accuse one another of having no plan for the next four years. >> we haven't heard an agenda from the president. that's why his campaign is taking on water and our campaign is full speed ahead. >> i laid out a plan for jobs and middle class security. unlike mitt romney, i'm proud to talk about what's in my plan. >> reporter: the obama campaign plans to hand out a 20-page outline of the president's agenda to millions of voters in battleground states. the romney campaign continues to point to its website for his five-point plan. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> if you don't like either mitt romney or president obama in this election, a third party may be an op. candidates from the lib tear january, green, constitution and -- libertarian, green, constitution and justice departments are on the ballot in most states. >>> richard murdoch made some
obama can claim the economy is growing, but governor romney can claim it's not growing fast enough. >> voters have basically drawn their conclusions about the economy already so, you know, the impact that a g.d.p. number can have or that the final jobs report on the friday before the election is going to have is won only at the margins. now, this election is close enough that the margins matter. >> reporter: as west mentioned, the last unemployment before the vote comes out a week from today. surprise in either direction could influence the outcome of the election. >> pelley: anthony, that election is now officially the most expensive in u.s. history. it just passed that milestone. the latest numbers show the presidential campaigns and the super pacs that back them have now raised more than $2 billion. now, some other key numbers in the race. 11 is the number of days before the election. five is the number of points separating the candidates in the latest gallup poll. it shows governor romney ahead of the president 51% to 46%. a "washington post" poll shows the race tighter than th
, ohio. >> reporter: ohio is also where mitt romney focused his day making three campaign stops. >> the obama campaign is slipping because he's talking about smaller and smaller things. despite the fact that america has such huge challenges and this is such an opportunity for america and that's why on november 6th i'm counting on ohio to vote for big change. >> reporter: no republican ever won the white house without carrying ohio. that has both sides staging aggressive campaigns there to convince vote towers cast their ballots now. >> i want to remove every elm pediment there is for everybody to exercise their constitutional rights and vote. >> we see sometimes people missing elections coming out to take advantage of early voting. >> reporter: more than 7 million people nationwide have cast early ballots. and this was the first time that a sitting president cast an early ballot in person. terrell. >> susan mcginnis in washington this morning. have a good weekend. some prominent republicans are lining up against former secretary of state colin powell after he said he would once
front yard. there was a knock on the door. >> reporter: the stevens are romney supporters. she took a few snapshots of what was left of their 4 by 8- foot romney sign in their front yard. >> there's political signs up and down the street. it is disheartening and sad that somebody would choose to do this. shame on them. freedom of speech, what's wrong with them? >> reporter: this is a friendly leesburg street where neighbors have differing views both democratic and republican signs put up. sure, a few spines have been stolen, but -- signs have been stolen, but never have they heard of one burning down. >> she has strong political beliefs. she's a good friend and definitely has the right to put her signs up in her yard. >> reporter: stevens has since put up a much smaller sign. >> it's just nasty. it's wrong. >> reporter: in leesburg, surae chinn, 9 news now. >>> there is sad news out of hawaii tonight where a veteran who captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands around the world passed away. 92-year-old frank tonabi's story went viral earlier this week avenue filled out his abs
and mitt romney squared off for the third and final time last night. >> the debate at lynn university in boca raton, florida was supposed to focus on foreign policy. chris finish fisher is in our -- kristin fisher is in our satellite center with more on what happened. a lot thought they could veer this toward the economy. did they do that? >> reporter: for the most part the candidates did stick to foreign policy. there was really no clear winner out of the third and final debate although both cbs and cnn instant polls did give president obama a slight edge. but mitt romney, he held his own, no major gaffes, even though the subject matter of this third and final debaipt as you said -- debate as you said foreign policy is widely considered to be his weakest issue. you can see these two candidates were all smiles when they walked out, but no -- make no mistake about it, this was another very heated debate. the most memorable line, the most tweeted line about the night came from the president who attacked his opponent's comments about cuts to the defense budget. >> i think governor romney
news. >> obama versus romney. the final round. how nasty will it get? >> they don't like each other very much. >> our team of katherine schwarzenegger and chris jacobs is on the ground in florida. >> what effect does "snl's" mocking of the candidates have on the election? >> i'm about to cut you. >> oh, i'd like to see that. >> and can mitt romney close the gap on what has been haunting him, women's issues? president has not had to seek out help from binders. >> whitney houston's daughter visiting her mother's grave. >> i'm completely terrified. ♪ >> only "e.t." has the emotional new footage. >> and the story behind the failed intervention for lindsay lohan. >> lindsay took off and she was running. >> our new interview with her father. and why the family is fighting mad. >> it is taylor swift week. >> only on "entertainment tonight." >> we're the first show, sitting down with the pop star, who earns more than
to the southwest part of the common wealth. there's a new poll out that shows the race is tight but governor romney is taking a slight lead, 50% to 47% for president obama. tonight andrea takes us to an ea with a striking contrast of opinions. >> we are in hampton road, this is the region with a huge military presence, and a local economy that is heavily dependent on defense spending. >> my name is sean, and i am a machinist and mechanic on the usa roosevelt. >> i am thomas bell, the business manager for local union 79. >> two men both with military backgrounds,. >> i am not afraid to stand up for my country. i put my life out for 20 years and i'm not afraid to do it again. >> no party has a lack of patriotism -- on it. i'm a u.s. army veteran. >> you can see the island house. >> they work in related fields. >> when i was in desert storm, i guided a lot of these aircrafts in on targets when we were taking out the enemy. >> i would like to say we don't build the ship, we build the shipyards. >> they support different candidates. >> barack obama. >> republican. >> but this is about improving a damage
preparing for tomorrow night's third and final debate. president obama is at camp david. mitt romney is in florida. the debate is on international affairs and the moderator is our own bob scheiffer. the "new york times" is reporting that the united states and iran have agreed in principle on negotiations over tehran's nuclear program. but a spokesman for the national security council insists that no such agreement has beenqmó reac. iran denies theÑi report asñrçm. the outbreak of fungal meningitis around theÑi nation 1 now blamed forÑi 28n the centers control says 23 people have died from the meningitis which is linked to steroid shots for back pain. at theÑi vatican this morning, pope benedict xvi is adding seven more saints to the roster. two of them american. one is a native american. the other a 19th century nun who cared for leprosyÑi patients in hawaii. new york jets' back-up quarterback tim thibault has trademarked tebowing his prayerful on-field celebration. a devout christian says he the not trademark it to get money just to make sure that the kneeling pose was used
in florida. mitt romney is a frequent flyer as well. he's crisscrossing the country this week with rallies in nevada and iowa. >> we don't have to settle for what we've seen the last four years. americans are tired of being tired. we can do better. >> reporter: polls show the race for the white house is too close to call and with less than two weeks until election day, the candidates know every vote counts. the election will likely come down to nine battleground states. that's where both campais are spending almost all their money and time. paul ryan and joe bidens have been dispatched to the all important ohio. and close campaigns are relying on star power. >> we need someone who can turn around fast. >> reporter: clint eastwood is featured in a new ad supporting mitt romney. bruce springsteen is hitting swing states for the president. the candidates hope celebrity endorsements will push supporters to the polls right now. early voting is under way in many battleground states. >> i want you to go vote. >> reporter: the president is taking his own advice. he plans to vote in illinois tomorr
one issue. today in ames, iowa mitt romney pounced on newly released economic numbers. >> last quarter our economy grew at just 2%. after the stimulus was passed the white house promised the economy would be growing at 4.3%. over twice as fast. >> the president is off the trail today, but vice president biden was out there telling the voters in wisconsin that a rome knee presidency would erase out patrol syces obama -- would erase all the progress oh bra bah ma has made. new polls show romney is gaining on the president in colorado and nevada and has pulled ahead in virginia. >>> we take a live look outside right now. very gray all day long but things could get a whole lot worse. after the break with the latest with hurricane sandy it could be a real tough one. >>> and right after the break uncluttering the confusion when it comes to maryland ballot question. john mcdon is here to help assorts it out. >>> from same sex marriage to expanding gaming north carolina voters have a lot of big decisions to make on november 6th but the language on the ballot can get confusing. here to break i
: mitt romney has endorsed mourdock's senate campaign. romney disagrees with what mourdock said but stands by his endorsement. >>> virginia attorney ken cuccinelli is reversing claims on voter fraud. a pennsylvania manual was arrested last week -- man was arrested last week on charges he threw away eight completed voter registration forms. cuccinelli's office says it will investigate the claims in the commonwealth. >>> what did a cheap -- was it a cheap setup or blatant proof of dishonest politics. a new video showing pat moran apparently giving advice on how to commit voter fraud. >> the fallout from this video has already started. pat moran stepped down as director of his father's campaign. ken molestina has more on the video from a conservative watch group which focuses on exposing government corruption. >> reporter: the hidden camera video was recorded at an arlington restaurant on october 8. the investigator disguises as a democratic supporter and tries to get advice. listen closely. >> he's looking for two guys to help him. he's got -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: after unde
and his wife will appear at events in virginia beach and lynchburg. sunday republican nominee mitt romney will be at rallies in haymarket, richmond and virginia beach. today, though, president obama kicked off the push through the old dominion with an appearance in richmond and there he thanked a prominent republican for his endorsement of the democrat's reelection. >> i was proud and humbled to learn that we have colin powell supporting this campaign. [ cheering and applause ] >> i'm grateful to him for his lifetime of service to his country both as a soldier and as a diplomat. >> at the same time the president spoke in richmond republican running mate paul ryan was addressing a crowd an hour away in bristol. >> this is an important election of a lifetime. we are picking the trajectory, the destiny, the path of this country for at least a generation. >> the most recent poll out of virginia comes from rasmussen, a sample of 750 voters yesterday giving romney a two- point edge. however, that poll has a four- pointer roar margin. >>> there is new -- four-point margin of error. >>> there is
for this morning and mitt romney cancelled one for tomorrow. both campaigns are worried about the effect of this storm on early voting. >> thank you, chip. to get a handle on the strength of sandy and the path it's taking we turn to david bernard, chief meteorologist in our miami station wsor. also a cbs news hurricane consultant. david good morning. >> good morning, rebecca. let's take a look at what we have on sandy. the headline overnight if you want to call it that is that it weakened a little bit so it went from a hurricane to a tropical storm. with 70 mile-per-hour winds. i'll show you in a minute i don't think that's going to be real important. right now it's 350 miles southeast of charleston south carolina, the forecast does reintensify this to a category 1 hurricane by sunday night and early monday morning and then as we go during the day monday that's when we're expecting that landfall somewhere along the mid-atlantic or northeastern shore line maybe as far north as long island or as far south as portions of the delmarva. >> david, as chip reid just laid out o
. >> reporter: for mitt romney, that message is the sluggish economy. >> four more years like the last four years will continue to have a president playing hide-and-seek, trying to find a plan to get the economy going and to create jobs. >> reporter: the obama campaign tuesday released a 20-page plan for manufacturing energy and education. >> my plan will actually move america forward. it's not just a sales job. >> reporter: but the main obama campaign message tuesday is that mitt romney is hiding his true beliefs for political purposes. >> you know what? that's not leadership that you can trust. >> there's no more serious issue in a presidential campaign than trust. trust matters. >> reporter: with the polls closed, we could be facing a long night in two weeks. >> it is so close. we may wind up seeing one candidate win the popular vote, another win the electoral vote. >> reporter: there's a word for that, yikes. it has happened before, relatively recently, 2,000, when al gore won the popular vote by half a million votes and george bush the electoral vote and therefore the election. >> a to
different from what he said earlier so i'm not quite sure which governor romney we would be getting with respect to foreign policy. >> the doubts about governor romney's beliefs expressed in rolling stone. "you know kids have good instinct. they look at the other guy and say that's a [ bleep ] i can tell." the new poll gives the president a 50 to 45 edge in the crucial state of ohio. >> we're gonna win ohio! >> but six minutes before that -- >> it would be easier to find people who voted for barack obama and change their minds. i need ohio. ohio is going to set the course of the nation. we're going to win. >> by using a page from the two now eight obama campaign book. >> we want a president who will actually bring big changes, and i will and he won't. >> there was good news for governor romney that in cbs poll which shows him leading by seven points among independent voters in ohio, the voters both candidates are targeting. some campaign finance reports were due today. when the numbers get crunched we may find the cost of this campaign has reached $2 billion. >> and that is a lot of
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